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Kefir - Quart

Kefir - Quart

Super health tonic

Looking for a complete food that nourishes, cleanses, and rebuilds your body through powerful immune boosting properties?  Or looking for a tangy drink that gives you a powerful, energized feeling? Our raw kefir is your bet!

Can also be used to add a unique satisfying flavor to a bowl of cereal or baked goods. 

Regular consumption of kefir has been proven to lower high blood pressure, reduce constipation, allergy and asthma symptoms, cold and flu illnesses, and risk of diabetes. Also to enhance digestion, treat diarrhea, promote deep sleep, control blood sugar, heal ulcers, cure acne, promote a natural good feeling. A natural antibiotic without side effects.

Tip for a happy and healthy life: Take a deep breath - it calms the mind.


100% grass fed raw A2 cow milk