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A2 Raw Cow Milk & Dairy

A2 Cow Milk - gallon

Milk - Nature's perfect food!

A2 Cow Milk - half gallon

Milk, Nature's perfect food!

Butter - 1 lb. cultured

Made with cultured sour cream producing a satisfying sweet-sour flavor.

Butter - 1 lb. lightly salted

Super energy boosting! Edible gold!

Butter - 1 lb. unsalted

Super energy booster!

Buttermilk - quart

Great for adding nutritious flavor to baked goods!

Cheese - Baby Swiss

A great tasting cheese with lots of flavor and a smooth texture

Cheese - Cheddar Mild

A firm, mild tasting cheese with a satisfying sweet flavor

Cheese - Cheddar Sharp

Firm cheese with a sharp. tangy note

Cheese - Colby

A mild tasting, semi-soft and creamy cheese

Cheese - Garlic- Chive Cheddar

NEW! Firm cheese with a spicy sprinkle

Cheese - Monterey Jack

Mild tasting, soft and creamy


100% grassfed raw A2 cow milk - Quart

Cottage Cheese - Pint

Nutritious side dish or snack for anytime, anywhere.

Cream (Heavy) - pint

Super fuel and flavor enhancer!

Cream (Heavy) - quart

Super fuel and flavor enhancer!

Ice Cream (Honey Vanilla)

Scrumptious dessert made with real ingredients

Kefir - Gallon

Super health tonic

Kefir - Quart

Super health tonic

Sour Cream - pint

Classic dip mix base!


from 100% grassfed raw A2 cow milk - QUART


100% grassfed raw A2 cow milk - Quart