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Eggs - dozen

Eggs - dozen

Power up your breakfast!

Looking for a nutritionally empowering breakfast food to fuel your day? Our pastured chickens lay the perfect eggs for your breakfast to supply you with the needed energy to focus on your daily activities. Scrambled, fried, or poached and topped with our butter, and served with our sausage, hamburgers or bacon will get you going! Also use as a great way to add nutritional fuel to baked goods or use hard boiled for salads and soups.

For healthy recipes and cooking ideas, we highly recommend Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon. It is more than a cookbook - it's an education that will lead you to cook with pride, as you'll know you are giving your family the proper nourishment for a lifetime of vigorous good health.

Tip for a happy and healthy life: "If you have a hill to climb, waiting will not make it smaller."


Eggs from pasture raised hens that are fed a diet free of GMOs, corn, soy, chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.